I recently tried to download my favorite network monitoring tool, but found that the original author has stopped hosting it, and the various software hosting sites either have to much adware clamped on to the download or simply don’t work. Here they are simple and easy: [ad] net speed monitor (x64) net speed monitor (x86)… Read More

This list of variable should help with creating a consistent ui experience for the players, this is a list of element colours used by the arma 3 interface, an can be used to ensure that you custom dialogs match the players chosen style.   retrieve values using     missionNamespace getVariable [“<variable name>”, <default value>];… Read More

This is an article that I found when I needed it, but it has since been removed. seeings as I found it helpful with my project I thought I would rehost it here. original link Original URL (dead). cached version All credit goes to Connor of imaginaryindustries.com. I have patched and updated the USBAPI.h and… Read More

Hello there. Time to share my latest creation. A sockets later for Arma. It allows for easy sharing of in game data with other processes and computers. It is secure in that it does not allow any new connection end points to be defined on the fly via sqf I.e you have to configure all… Read More

Hi there, long time no see… Its been a while since the last post, I have been busy since working on loads of different projects (Not all of which are falling together like I had hoped). I have done a significant amount of work with the popular arma 3 mod and game mode Altis Life.… Read More

This is a new project idea I Have: Project homepage The Idea is to allow users to create a “showcase” of websites easily and for screenshots to automatically update. This plugin is primarily for myself, but if there is interest I will consider releasing it. I started coding it yesterday so early days…… Read More

This is an excerpt from my Personal Investigation Project for Photography A Level Introduction   In this essay I will describe the process and outcomes as well as the reasons for building a camera lens. We live in a time where it’s possible to get digital camera setup for under £20, and a working quality… Read More

I recently rediscovered my air rifle and as such have been thinking about how to improve it. I have already made one small addition to keep a small amount of ammunition handy whenever I grab the gun. When I first bought the gun I also went out and bought a cheap gunlight to use for… Read More